ROBfin designs, Inflatable Boats build on experience from Expeditions on Rivers Worldwide.

Good design can´t be made in the office, but when wet with paddle in your hand. When boats get into the most crazy situations, navigated by the most experienced or the most green crews.
Result is the boat design, where every part has its reason. We are OK to change any detail, which can work better. We appreciate every comment, if comes from the river.

I believe that you will like our ideas.


Redesigned for 2012 season. Our best selling canoe.

Selfbailing canoe with great performance on whitewater with open drainage system or great touring canoe for multiday trips with a big load when drainage system is closed.

Stable in waves, fast on lakes...

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Experienced boaters will quickly understand this great boat that does not fill with water, that is rigid and bring enough room to sit or knee inside.
Stable in waves, fast on lakes
Used fabric Valmex with PU/PVC coating is UV stable, highly abrasion resistant and very strong. HK style valves, safe, easy to operate, hard to break.

Design and fabric makes canoe which is surprisingly rigid without using any additional reinforcement.

Selfbailing by drainage sleeve on rear part of the boat. On rivers up to Class 3 this system can be closed and Canoe Yukon becomes a classic canadier to carry enormous load if needed.

Recomended for crew with total weight of 100 - 180 kg (200 - 400 lbs).
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Yellow - gray or blue - gray
» specification and sizes
Length:           412 cm
Width:            100 cm
Weight:            23 kg
Total capacityt:300 kg
Recomended for crew with total weight of 100 - 180 kg (200 - 400 lbs).

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