ROBfin designs, Inflatable Boats build on experience from Expeditions on Rivers Worldwide.

Good design can´t be made in the office, but when wet with paddle in your hand. When boats get into the most crazy situations, navigated by the most experienced or the most green crews.
Result is the boat design, where every part has its reason. We are OK to change any detail, which can work better. We appreciate every comment, if comes from the river.

I believe that you will like our ideas.


Rafting boat for 3. Real Professional boat with all details and parts of regular raft, just made for 3 paddlers only.

If you want to do rafting in small on smaller rivers and have fun, this boat is just for you.

Stable as a raft but playful as canoe, opening doors to whitewater for you.

» more informations
High quality Valmex fabric, stronger on the bottom, UV resistant.

On some rivers where restriction apply for bigger crafts, Denali miniraft is free of all regulations.
In Austria you can do rafting for free, in Slovenia you pay as a canoe.
You will have kids on reach of your hand all the time in this small raft and you can have no headache that you will flip on easier rivers.

Strong, rigid, 5 chamber raft with double layers on the bottom as a standard.
» color variants
yellow - black
» specification and sizes
Length:      290 cm
Width:       140 cm
Inner width: 60 cm
Inner length: 210 cm
Tube diameter: 40 cm
Pax maximum: 2+1
Thwarts 2
Chambers: 5+2
Weight: 32 kg

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